Weekly Haiku 7


Sorry this week’s post is a day late; I was away from the internet most of yesterday and ran out of time to post. On the plus side, more haiku!


Edge of Night

Another day gone.

Soft, the music fades away

As sleep approaches.


On the Water

Joy on the river;

Virgin banks left to nature

Drift lazily by.


Night on the Steppe

Night falls on the steppe;

Wide, ancient pastures slumber

Beneath falling stars.



Few pleasures greater

Than to smile at others joy;

Laughter banish hate.


The Beach

A day at the beach;

Hot sun and cool gulf waters

Meld like yin and yang.


Scent of Summer

Gentle winds blow on;

The scent of charcoal burning

Tinges salt must air.


Sand Castles

Castles built of sand

fade quickly from the landscape;

All crumbles in time.


The Days Perfume

Tussled, sun bleached curls;

Oh how the sweet, sunscreen musk

Lingers on your skin.


I guess it’s somewhat obvious I was at the beach for the day, huh?



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