Weekly Haiku 9


Ha, I posted on the right day! Well, to be fair Monday is almost over, but it’s still better than last week, right?


Long Night

Weary eyelids sag

As the long night marches on;

Soon, I shall retire.


Fresh Blood

A musket thunders;

The bright stain of fresh spilt blood

Seeps through cotton shirt.


Pax Romana

Oh how we suffer

For this, their “Pax Romana;”

Rise Up! For freedom!



My mind slips away

As sleep reaches out its hand;

Soon, another day.



The Scent of jasmine

Perfumes the warm, Summer air;

A smile in my soul.


Dark Rain

A pall, this torrent;

My headlights all swallowed up

By rain and black night.


Apologies if Pax Romana doesn’t make any sense. I’m not using the term the way Wikipedia describes it, but rather in reference to the “peace” brought to Britain by the roman empire, which the Britains payed with taxes (to maintain the legions), conscription (to fill the legions and fight in foreign wars), and the forced erasure of their native religion and customs (probably a lot of death was involved in this process). I think mine is an acceptable use of the term, but my knowledge of roman Britain isn’t as deep as it could be.



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