EmotedLlama’s Library Haul, August 16th 2013


No spork this week, sorry–life got in the way and due to ear issues I’ve been left not feeling like doing much, especially not look critically at bad books. So instead I’ll be starting what will be a probably quite sporadic series in which I casually discuss the books I get from the library. First up is a description of what I got, in order of how I plan to read them. I’ll be posting “reviews” as I finish them.

1. Ultimate Comics: Spider-Man volumes 2 and 3

I bought the first trade paperback (which is a book compiling issues from a comic book) for Ultimate Comics: Spider-Man, which follows Miles Morales as he becomes a new Spider-Man after Peter Parker dies. Yeah, it’s the one that made headlines back when it started and man is it good. I already read these two volumes, and they’re also good, though the 3rd one gets into a crossover event that’s kinda weird. Still, they’re a solid read and I’d recommend them, even if you don’t know much about comic books. Actually that’s probably not true, since it takes place in a weird alternate universe thing that Marvel’s got going on.

2. Days of Blood and Starlight – Laini Taylor

This book is the sequel to Daughter of Smoke and Bone by Laini Taylor. I really enjoyed Taylor’s first book, Dreamdark: Blackbringer and while its sequel wasn’t as good, I was fond enough of her writing to check out Daughter of Smoke and Bone after the Dreamdark series was basically cancelled. It was a good book, aside from the typical romance fare, and going into Days of Blood and Starlight I really know nothing. (I haven’t even read the jacket description, and I don’t plan on it.) Hopefully it will be good!

3. Dodger – Terry Pratchett

It’s Terry Pratchett. Even if it’s not Discworld, how could I say no? It’s some sort of Victorian London stuff happens that fantasy or something or other.

4. What My Mother Doesn’t Know – Sonya Sones

It’s a ~teen~ novel in verse, and I really only picked it up because it sequel says the female protagonist gets a girlfriend. (I think it’s the sequel? It better be or reading this book is a waste.) Hopefully diversity, yay!

5. A Beautiful Friendship – David Weber

It’s teen sci-fi and it looks good enough. *shrug*

6. Chinese Cinderella and the Secret Dragon Society – Adeline Yen Mah

This is the seemingly fictitious sequel to a memoir, which caught my eye in a bookstore. Since the library didn’t have that book (I planned on putting it on hold, but didn’t get around to it when I went to the library), I picked up this and probably won’t get to it till after I read the first.


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  1. Spider-Man! :D Haven’t read any of the Ultimate Marvel stuff, but I think I’ll have to give it a try soon.
    Yay, diversity!

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