Maximum Ride: FANG Spork Part 9


Remember when Max’s mom got kidnapped in the last book and Max’s mom was very important to Max and Max really loves her mom and Max’s mom has not been in this book yet. Or even mentioned.

Chapter 44

Iggy shook his head angrily. “You and Fang were off together–like always. The rest of us could have died here, but as long as you two get your face time, it doesn’t matter! (pg 153)

So… add this as number one thousand on the list of plot elements JPatterson has added willy-nilly to this book. Mr. Chu! Dylan is Max’s soul-mate! Iggy wants to see! There’s a little girl who can heal herself with her spit! Fang is going to die! And each one is promptly forgotten the moment it’s introduced.

Jeb returns, surveys what happened, and shows the flock a duffel bag he found outside, which has body bags in it. Gazzy posits that the Erasers must have been trying to knock the flock out with the gas (to then put them in the bags), not mentioning the fact that the gas didn’t nearly have that effect on the flock.

“Erasers don’t use this kind of equipment,” Jeb remarked. (pg 154)

Well, um, the Erasers aren’t freelance agents, Jeb. They follow orders from an organization that, last I checked, you were involved with. Why wouldn’t they use subtler tactics if that was how they were directed?

Max asks Jeb how the Erasers could be back, and Jeb says that “after the School closed, the scientists … scattered” and that it’s possible one of them is behind this. Which… okay. Whatever. I’m not even going to question what the School “closing” is supposed to mean.

Fang asks where the Erasers that attacked are, and Angel says that they dumped them out the window into the canyon.

“Good job, guys,” I said. “That was the way to go.” I tried a grin. “But I bet we’ll be smelling them for days, until the vultures finish them off.” (pg 155)

Um… really disturbing overtones aside, killing the Erasers maybe isn’t the best solution when you could, I dunno, capture one and question it? Just maybe give it a shot?

Max turns to Dylan, who got a hurt arm in the fight but overall is unfazed for having just gone through a pretty harrowing experience.

He raised his wounded arm to his mouth and used his own spit to wet the damaged areas. WTH? (pg 156)

I just went back through the book because surely Max can make the connection between Dylan and the little girl who was experimented on by the Dr. guy, but apparently Max never pursued more information on her. Also, remember when Mr. Chu used the little girl to somehow get bio readings on Max and Angel? Well, neither did I, since it happened in the first 25 pages and was promptly forgotten.

God, this book has awful pacing.

Anyway, though, Dylan heals himself using his spit. Why he and the little girl had to use their spit when the Dr. was able to just stick his cut-off finger back on is beyond me.

Chapter 45

Fang comes back from the canyon and says that the Eraser bodies aren’t there. Total (AGH TOTAL WHY and also did you know Akila is there too?) says that whoever sent the Erasers must have picked them up. Presumably it was whoever was left in the helicopters that Max followed to the house and then [missing information the book never gives us because it would draw attention to plot holes].

“Hmm.” I said, starting to pace. “So–the Erasers are back. And someone came to get them. We didn’t hear or see how they got here. Choppers may or may not be related.” (pg 158)


Iggy continues his tirade about how Max and Fang are somehow at fault for leaving, despite the fact that Max very clearly left to get groceries? Which is perfectly, you know, mundane and not blameable? And apparently Max and Fang not being there, and being the flock’s “two best fighters,” put the rest of the flock in danger since the bad guys might have been watching and waiting for Max and Fang to go away? Or something? Despite the fact that the flock were fine without Max and Fang? And if “weaker” members of the flock had gone out they would have been even easier targets?

I guess you could say the flock are being humanly irrational, but given how unrealistic the characters generally are, and how generally poorly written these books are, it’s extremely obvious this is just a flimsy plot device JPatterson employed for TEH DRAMUH.

Angel says that Max and Fang care more about each other than the flock. [Citation needed] Then:

“It’s time, Max,” Angel went on firmly. “You know it is.” She looked at the rest of the flock. “You guys know it too. It’s time for Max and Fang to move on.” (pg 159)


Chapter 46

Angel continues, saying that since Max and Fang have separated themselves from the rest of the flock that they should leave.

“I love you. I don’t wish you harm. But like you’ve said yourself, we’re only as strong as the weakest one of us. Right now, you’re making the flock weaker because your head and our heart aren’t with us. It’s time for you to move on. It’s time for me to be the leader.” (pg 161)

So because Max and Fang are endangering the flock by going away and allowing the flock to be attacked, Max and Fang should leave the flock. And let a six-year-old lead. ?????????

Angel calls for the vote to exile Max (only Max, apparently, as she does not mention Fang). Iggy raises his hand because since the flock “needed” Max and Fang to help them fight a fight they won perfectly easily, but Max and Fang weren’t there, Max and Fang shouldn’t be there at all because [THIS MAKES NO SENSE].

Nudge, my Nudge, was next. (pg 161)

Max. Max, when will you remember that Nudge has defied you the most out of the members of the flock?

So, yeah, the flock votes Max out while Fang and Dylan are looking at each other weird. Fang is not voted out as well, despite the argument being laid out against them equally.

I turned and sprinted out through the smashed deck doors, bounced once off the deck railing, and launched myself into the sky, which seemed a million times bigger and wilder than it ever had. (pg 163)

I’d do a count of how many times Max has flown away in a rage, but I bet it’d kill me.


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  1. My head is now hurting. Max has been with them for most of their lives and they have been attacked before when she is gone. They are captured but eventually escape. So why vote Max out when they won the fight? Even though I am glad Max is voted out due to ultimately being a bad leader, why the f*ck would any of them follow that demon spawn Angel? She is even more untrustworthy and has been creepy since book 1. Adding to this is that she NEXT TO YOUNGEST of the flock with only Dylan being younger! Why!? And why hasn’t Jeb said anything about this!?

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