EmotedLlama’s Library Haul, August 16th 2013 RESULTS!


Yeah, no spork this week. ‘Twasn’t in the cards. This post itself is majorly late; I finished going through the books I got by a week after I got them, and here it is a month later and I’m finally posting about them. If you need a refresher, I listed the books I got in the first post. So, let’s go through them!

1. Days of Blood and Starlight – Laini Taylor

WHAT A GOOD BOOK. There were multiple points during my reading that I had to put it down and mentally scream because of the tension. It absolutely sucked me in with its amazing prose that’s elegant and yet efficient, wonderful characterization and dialogue, and nerve-wracking plot. One thing did strike me in a negative way: the book primarily follows two characters and their mostly separate paths, and there is little narrative connection between them; their situations neither mirror nor resemble each other, and it made the flow of the book odd when their respective storylines reached their climax and there was simply no relation between them. It’s not really something I’d call an objective failure, but as someone who enjoys that sort of thing, it felt odd that it wasn’t there, even when it very easily could have been. The book also features a scene of attempted rape that felt out of the blue and relatively unimportant to the story, and I’m not sure I think it should have been in the book. (The scene is very intense, too, so if that sort of thing would bother you, definitely stay away from this book.)

2. Dodger – Terry Pratchett

I got a few pages in and felt like the prose was actively trying to confuse me and throw me off. The dialogue was similarly convoluted, and lacked any charm, so after checking later in the book to see if the writing stayed the same (it did), I stopped reading.

3. What My Mother Doesn’t Know – Sonya Sones

I very quickly realized in reading this that it’s the sort of book that’s difficult to enjoy if one can’t relate to the protagonist and their situation. I couldn’t, so I stopped reading.

4. A Beautiful Friendship – David Weber

I really wanted to like this book, but it in every way reads like the worst kind of sci fi book: slow, boring, and so analytical and plainly written that the characters have little life, there is no tension, and it’s just boring to read. I stopped shortly after a character did what was described as the hardest thing in his life in a single sentence.

5. Chinese Cinderella and the Secret Dragon Society – Adeline Yen Mah

I never got around to getting the book’s sequel, so I didn’t bother reading this.


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