Weekly Haiku 29


Love Bugs

Love bugs swarm, then die.

Tiny corpses fill the ground

And bake in the sun.


After days, you see

All your work so far is crap.

Coffee black as ink.


This is a good poem;

This is a very good poem.

You like this po-em.


Rage seethes just below,

Waiting for its chance to strike;

Clenched fist, bitten tongue.


I smile at the rain;

The downpour lifts my spirits

With its steady song.

I’m putting this at the bottom so as not to bias anyone before reading, but I feel like this week’s haiku aren’t really up to scratch (especially Poem). It might just be the mood I was in when I wrote them, but they feel kinda meh to me, so apologies. Also for the lateness. Yeah…

All haiku copyright © 2013 by Michael Vest



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