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Haiku #34


So I’ve been posting haiku one at a time as I write them over on tumblr, and now that I’ve got a few I figure it’s time to collect them here.



Sometimes words fail me.

They jumble, crumble, turn to

Dust as they spill out.



Always, I miss you.

And yet, when we’re together,

I feel so alone.



And maybe we were

Fast and fleeting as a sigh,

But at least we breathed.



I look in your eyes

And know what drowning feels like,

Breathless and alive.

(originally part of a larger piece)

~Michael Vest


Haiku 33



In the quiet we hear

Unspoken apologies.

Smiles return to us.



Another midnight,

Another day spent wasting.

“Tomorrow,” we sigh.



I walk in the back,

Following, lost in my head.

Silence is easy.



Gray sky cold and wet.

Winter settles once again

To brood for a day.


Old Man

Hands taken idle,

The man sits and thinks and waits.

Death is a long sigh.



Why do thoughts turn grim

When fed on love and kindness?

Why see life so bleak?


Hello Again it’s Me I’m Back


So it’s been a while since I’ve posted…. well, anything really. The simple reason for this is that I’d started to feel burnt out on haiku. I felt like I was just writing the same basic things over and over again, and that the quality of them was either slipping or, at the very least, not improving in any noticeable way. I got tired of writing them, so I stopped, and as haiku were the only thing I was (ostensibly) regularly posting, I just sort of vanished for a few months.

Anyway, the point of this post is to say hello (again). I’ve resumed writing haiku and plan to post them, though going forward I’m not even going to pretend they’ll be weekly. Instead, whenever I have enough (roughly five) I’ll post them. Numbering will continue as before.

I don’t have any plans to write reviews or anything  like that in the near future, but that doesn’t mean I won’t if the fancy strikes me (just don’t expect it to be a regular thing).

This post is now far to long for something no one will ever read, so, uh… bye, I  guess?

(Not Even a Little Bit) Weekly Haiku 32


So NaNoWriMo happened, and as a result haiku didn’t. But now it’s not, so they can. Or something.


The sky a dim haze,

All cloud and orange city glow.

Then wind sweeps away…



The cold grips me tight,

Sinking deep within my flesh.

A soft breath of wind.



Silence covers me

Like a warm quilt in winter.

Alone, I can think.



Wind chimes and water

Fill the air with soft music.

Summer lingers still.



One mind follows first,

Then on and on more tumble.

Like a storm, they rise.


~Michael Vest

Weekly Haiku 31


Still Sick

So much is waiting,

But I sit, too tired to move;

The day trickles by.


Alone in my bed

I echo the day’s events,

Each mistake laid bare.


On the roof we lay,

Staring up at starry depths;

A quiet moon rises.



Dead leaves stain the ground;

A cool breeze carries autumn

Like a gentle sigh.

Another Quick Update


Well, it turns out I was lying when I said there would be haiku yesterday. Long story short I woke up sick at like four thirty Tuesday which really slowed me down on a time sensitive thing I had to get done.

Anyway, barring any unforeseen catastrophes, haiku will return next Monday. Apologies for the delay.