The hiatus has stretched out a bit longer than I intended. This is because I’ve simply lost all motivation to spork. The interest is just… gone. And at the moment, I’m not willing to put in the time required to finish this book, let alone the series, when I won’t be enjoying it at all. The hiatus is thus extended indefinitely; I may come back to things, but it’s perfectly likely I won’t.

I feel bad for leaving my readers here, but if I were to continue, it wouldn’t be fun for me, and thus it wouldn’t be fun for you. I’m sorry, but this is the way the cards have fallen.


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  1. I’ll miss your sporks, but you’ve done so much. Had I attempted such an in-depth spork for so long, I would now be in a straightjacket. (And yes, I realized that sentence is very spork-worthy and terrible. Sorry.)

    All that word salad aside, I hope to see some other stuff from you sometime! :)

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