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ISBI Update


I had previously decided to stop the Kirkovitch ISBI for a legacy in the Sims 2, as the Sims 3 was really laggy and I simply didn’t feel like playing it anymore. I was originally going to get another chapter up of the Kirk0vitch ISBI, but WordPress just messed up and I lost my (albeit small) progress on the chapter. Thus, I’m putting the ISBI on indefinite to permanent hold. I’ll have the first chapter of my Sims 2 project up next week, and we’ll go from there.

Sorry for stopping it so soon after restarting!


The Kirkovitch ISBI Chapter 8: And We’re Back!


So, yeah. As evidenced by this picture, WordPress is a selectable member of the family–the glitch is gone!

In case you’ve forgotten what’s happened in the ISBI since I stopped: I started with founder Lincoln Kirkovitch, who married Lanya LastNameForgotten. They had three children: LapTrap, Ebon Hawk, and Monumental. LapTrap died mysteriously shortly after becoming a young adult, and his grave is currently set next to the family house. Ebon Hawk, the heir, married her imaginary friend, T3-M3, who’s Mean-Spirited and flip-flops between being friends and enemies with Lincoln and Lanya. Monumental managed to get out of the household without dying.

More recently, Ebon Hawk got pregnant and had a baby, WordPress, but WordPress was unselectable and thus not a proper member of the family, but as I said right up there, the issue is now fixed.

Let’s jump in!

Jump in.